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Refined Lifestyle

Visit Aldon at Powell & Broad if you're looking for exquisite 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Grapevine. The one-bedroom units, complemented by two- and three-bedroom options, offer modern comforts. The modern amenities include an electronic smart home key system, ensuring both security and convenience for residents. Private terraces or balconies provide the perfect retreat, and the 9-foot ceilings create an open and spacious atmosphere. With the addition of 2-inch wood blinds for privacy, these apartments effortlessly combine comfort and style. Aldon at Powell & Broad Apartments invites individuals to immerse themselves in a refined lifestyle in the heart of Grapevine, where every detail reflects a commitment to modern living.

Ideal Residence

Nestled in Grapevine, Aldon at Powell & Broad Apartments presents an array of living options, including 1 bedroom apartments in Grapevine. Alongside the two- and three-bedroom units, residents enjoy a plethora of features enhancing their lifestyle. The outdoor pavilion, complete with grills and a firepit, offers a charming communal space for gatherings. A premium coffee station caters to caffeine enthusiasts, while the inclusion of an electric car charger aligns with contemporary sustainability. For added convenience, rentable garages are available to meet individual needs. Aldon at Powell & Broad Apartments curates a blend of thoughtful amenities, providing an ideal residence in the heart of Grapevine.

The Economy of Fuquay-Varina, NC

Fuquay-Varina, NC, thrives on a dynamic and diverse economy, contributing to the town's growth and prosperity. Marked by a strategic location within the Research Triangle region, the town benefits from its proximity to major economic centers like Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. The local economy encompasses various industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and technology. Small businesses, shops, and restaurants line the historic downtown area, adding to the economic vibrancy. Fuquay-Varina's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship is evident, with initiatives supporting local businesses and startups. The town's economic stability and a business-friendly environment position it as an appealing destination for residents and businesses seeking a thriving community with a robust and diverse economic foundation.

South Park in Fuquay-Varina, NC

South Park is a beloved recreational hub in in Fuquay-Varina, NC, offering diverse amenities for residents and visitors. This expansive park features well-maintained sports facilities, including baseball fields, basketball courts, and soccer fields, providing opportunities for athletic activities and community events. The playgrounds and green spaces cater to families, creating a welcoming environment for outdoor play and relaxation. South Park's walking trails wind through the scenic landscape, making it a favorite spot for nature enthusiasts. The park's thoughtful design and varied offerings make it an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts, families, and those seeking a peaceful outdoor retreat in the heart of Fuquay-Varina.

Target Discloses Plans to Open New Store in Fuquay-Varina

Target has cemented its status as a household name as a retail giant, providing consumers with a diverse and extensive shopping experience. Founded in 1962, Target has become a one-stop destination offering everything from groceries and apparel to electronics and home goods. Known for its stylish and affordable merchandise, Target has successfully combined style with accessibility, catering to a wide demographic. The distinctive red bullseye logo is synonymous with a commitment to quality and value. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Target's modern stores, online presence, and innovative collaborations have solidified its position as a retail powerhouse, providing customers with a convenient and enjoyable shopping environment.

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Driving Direction

South Park

900 S Main St, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526, United States

Head east toward S Park Walking Track

410 ft

Turn left onto S Main St

390 ft

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Judd Pkwy

2.9 mi

Turn left onto NC-55 W

1.0 mi

Make a U-turn at Dickens Rd

453 ft

Turn right onto Stobhill Ln

358 ft

Turn left onto New Peak Ct

 Destination will be on the right

89 ft

Aldon at Powell & Broad Apartments

141 Stobhill Ln, 

Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526, United States

Refined Lifestyle

Visit Aldon at Powell & Broad if you're looking for exquisite 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Grapevine . The one-bedroom units, co...